Design of electric rotating machines


FluxMotor© enables the user to design and create motors from standard or customized parts, as well as to intuitively add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare machine behavior.
Addressing a broad range of users, FluxMotor is easy to use with an efficient working environment allowing for the creation and performance evaluation of an electric motor within a few minutes.

FluxMotor is a flexible standalone software tool focusing on the pre-design of electric rotating machines and is part of HyperWorks CAE Suite, which includes Flux the software for low frequency electromagnetic and thermal simulations.

FluxMotor’s efficient working environment ensures a better visualization of machine performances, enabling fast and accurate computations, which can easily be connected to Flux finite element software and other tools within the HyperWorks suite for more advance studies, including multiphysics optimization capabilities.


  • Powerful project management
  • Productive interfaces to shape the machine
  • A design environment, with dedicated interface, helps motorists to finalize machine, step by step within minutes
  • 4 different winding modes help users to find the right winding architecture
  • Parts Library focuses on the visualization and choice of parts; standard libraries are available
  • Effective machines parts management: standard parts, magnets and slots can be edited and customized for unlimited configuration
  • Comprehensive and scalable material database
  • Testing and evaluating electric motors
  • Automated standard and relevant tests ready to be performed
  • The motor catalogue environment allows easy management of motors and projects, helping the user to classify the machine and offers a quick access to past studies


  • High productivity gain
  • No compromise on accuracy
  • Connection for advanced studies
  • Dynamic libraries offer standard or customized options ready to be used to compose motors
  • Facilitated project management, allow a quick access to past studies and to manage the full range of products
  • Computing methods wisely using the high power of finite element modeling
  • Automatically driven workflow offering an efficient user-oriented environment to different level of users

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