MotionSolve© is a scalable and integrated multibody solution that enables you to graphically build systems, numerically solve the underlying equations, evaluate system behavior by examining plots and animations and improve their performance through design exploration and optimization.

MotionSolve© models are parametric and they can be built hierarchically. This means you can create libraries of parametric subsystems and reuse these to build your system model. MotionSolve has been developed in partnership with customers. So it has been thoroughly validated on real models for ease-of-use, scalability, accuracy, robustness and speed.

MotionSolve is an open solution. You can include flexibility effects by importing modal representations of finite element models, co-simulate with controls software and 1-D simulators that contain non-mechanical subsystems, include FMUs developed by third-party solution providers and connect to CFD codes to account for accurate aerodynamic forces.
At the user interface level, you can create your own GUIs to instantiate systems and subsystems you created. At the solver level you can customize the physics of the model. Both the solver and the GUI have well-documented interfaces that allow you to customize and extend the solution.

MotionSolve offers powerful capabilities for multi-disciplinary simulations for system level analyses such as kinematics and dynamics, statics and quasi-statics, linear and vibration studies, effort estimation, vehicle dynamics, low frequency NVH and packaging synthesis. It also computes the necessary inputs for performing component strength calculations, weight minimization and fatigue life prediction.

The documented interface for MotionSolve has been used to develop a large set of custom tools for the automotive and heavy truck industries. MotionSolve has been successfully used in the automotive, aerospace, general machinery, white goods, packaging, heavy industry and wind energy industries.


  • Convert CAD to multibody models in minutes
  • Interactively review motion to evaluate the design
  • Use loads from the multibody simulation to perform component size/shape optimization
  • Seamlessly transfer models to MotionView to add fidelity for detailed analyses
  • 2D Curve to Curve Contact
  • 1D-3D Co-simulation
  • Built-in Nonlinear Finite Elements
  • Leaf Spring Builder
  • Truck Library
  • Analytical Contact
  • Automotive Event Editor
  • Python SDK for MotionSolve
  • Component Test rigs
  • Automotive Air Spring Model




  • Reduce Product Development Time and Cost
  • Accelerate Product Innovation
  • Reduce Design and Manufacturing Risk
  • Enforce Corporate Quality Standards
  • Accelerate product innovation
  • Enforce corporate standards
  • Reduce product design time and cost
  • Improve product quality
  • Comprehensive open environment

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