Fea structural linear and non-linear analysis

OptiStruct© is an industry proven, structural analysis solver for linear and nonlinear problems under static and dynamic loadings. It is the market-leading solution for structural design and optimization. Solver for NVH analysis (Noise, vibration & harshness).

OptiStruct is a parallelized solver that is able to take advantage of the latest hardware technology. Through methods such as domain decomposition, OptiStruct can run on hundreds of nuclei.
This allows engineers to perform large optimization tasks, improve reliability and robustness, and perform design research studies by designing experiments

OptiStruct supports static and transient analyzes that contain nonlinear materials that are dependent on temperature, geometry and contact.
OptiStruct supports the most advanced features of process workflows required for vibration, hardness and acoustic analysis. Through innovative workflows, complete NVH analysis of the vehicle can be performed quickly and efficiently

Through advanced optimization algorithms in OptiStruct, better performance can be accompanied by weight reduction through the development of an innovative design concept.

The simulation must guide the design process. Therefore, the development strategy of OptiStruct to allow analysis of analysis solutions for optimization distinguises by the best technology for developing better projects.


  • structural analysis
  • structural optimization
  • NHV analysis
  • noise and vibrations
  • heat transfer analysis
  • kinematics and dynamic
  • fatigue


  • Dimensionamento parti meccaniche di macchine
  • Ottimizzazione delle prestazioni in termini di massa, volume, resistenza, durata e risposta alle vibrazioni
  • Verifica comportamento termico

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